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Welcome Davey Tree Experts to JimSalmon.com!

* Have your trees taken a hit from weather, winds, or pests?
* Do you need to plant some trees in your yard?
* Do you need some cut down or trimmed?
* Ash trees have the ash borer? Do you even know?

Davey Tree & Lawn Care Experts can help you in all of these instances and more!

Jim & John had Davey Tree come out to their houses and look over their trees. Boy, Davey Tree is really going to be busy! They are fertilizing trees in John's yard and doing maintenance on them. But wow, at Jim's, they may be there all fall! Lots of trees to trim and shape. Try to balance some of them for looks and safety. Fertilize stressed trees. They do it all!

They have been in business since 1880! Who else has been in business that long? They've got to be doing something right! They've been in business longer than your trees are old! Can you imagine the tree cycles they have experienced?

But seriously, any tree problems are so simple to deal with, just call Davey Tree Experts and put your mind at ease. 585-436-7767 and have them take a look at your yard.

They are very knowledgeable and can tell you what kind of trees you have. You say, "oh, that's a maple". They say, "Your silver maple tree has,,," or Sugar or Norway, you get it. They can tell you if it is diseased and exactly what needs done or maybe just trimming will take care of it.

    These are just some of the problems they can solve;
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree and Shrub Fertilization
  • Insect and Disease Management
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Tree and Shrub Planting
  • Lightning Protection
  • Tree Removals and Stump Grinding
  • Shrub Pruning
  • Large Tree Moving
  • Tree Cavity Treatment
  • Hazardous Tree Assessment
  • Root Collar Excavation

So easy to get hold of them;

Call 585-436-7767
Visit their website Davey Tree & Lawn Care Experts
Have a question? Send an email

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