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Rochester Solar Technologies Install at Jim's !

This is so exciting! Using the sun to generate power! Don't you just LOVE Power? Especially if it's going to cost less in paying for electricity!

Rochester Solar Technologies a division of O'Connell Electric has installed a Photovoltaic array on Jim's barn roof.

Look over the charts, very interesting on how this all comes together, and it can for you too! The sooner you can take advantage of the tax credits, the better for you!

You can contact these websites for the credit information!
Tax Credits credit info
Rochester Solar Technologies
Federal 30% ITC form
State 25% ITC form
We recommend consulting with your tax advisor to get the most out of the tax credits.

Rochester Solar Technologies a division of O'Connell Electric

Give Rochester Solar Technologies a call at (585) 924-2176

We have some great pictures of the entire project. Take note of how it gets attached to a metal roof.
click on any picture to enlarge;

Isn't it awesome?

Many Thanks to Jeff Conte, Foreman, Expert Solar Installer & Electrician! And especially, Lane Young, Division Manager of O'Connell Electric & Joe Clement, Project Co-ordinator from Rochester Solar Technologies!

Daily Energy & Power Monitoring

Follow along with Jim's electric usage chart

Call Rochester Solar Technologies at (585) 924-2176 Today!

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