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A.C.E.S. Energy! Welcome to JimSalmon.com!

You feel pretty good about your 90% efficient furnace, right? Can you imagine how really good you would feel with a geothermal heat pump that can have up to 450% efficiencies! YUP You read that right! 450% Unheard of!

Alternative Carbon Energy Systems, Inc. - A.C.E.S. Energy (for short),,can install a system for you! They have these systems installed all over western New York. They cover Buffalo, Rochester and the Finger Lakes!

Geothermal is not as new as most people think, however with fuel costs skyrocketing more people are serious about lowering their energy bills. And to think you can get so much better efficiency is a big plus!

Ok, let's look at this a little deeper, literally. Geothermal is in the ground! Maybe you never gave this a thought, but a few feet below the ground is a constant temperature no matter what is going on above. Geothermal uses this in all climates to produce heat & cooling for your home. They can also use water; a pond or a lake for a source in a similiar system as the ground one.

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What's the advantage of having a Geothermal Heating & A/C System compared to what we are used to?
    From A.C.E.S. Energy;
  • No fossil fuel
  • No on-site combustion
  • No venting required
  • No outdoor units
  • Generate hot water as a by-product
  • Federal Tax Credits available
  • Environmentally friendly
As soon as your system is installed it starts to save you money. Doesn't that sound refreshing?

So whether you are building a new home, or your existing home, find out what it'll cost and HOW MUCH YOU'LL SAVE!

Check this from A.C.E.S. Energy's Website for wonderful photos and videos of A.C.E.S. Installations

It is well worth finding out what Geothermal is all about!

Call AJ (Andrew) Heiligman, President of A.C.E.S. Energy today!
Visit their Website;

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